Finding ways to deal with stress

Stress is all around us and it never seems to get any better.  When we wake up in the morning, we are presented with challenges that we need to deal with throughout the day.  We are also going to work with events and situations that will occur that are out of our control.

The first step in dealing with stress is learning to relax.  To do this effectively we first need to understand where the stress is coming from and how we can manage it.  To begin with, talking to a behavioral health center boise counselor will start us down the path.  With these specialists they know how to deal with stressful situations as well as the general mind and body.

Set priorities

The next step is to set priorities.  In order to get things done we need to define which tasks are more important over others.  When we define these priorities, we can better handle what is coming towards us and being able to pivot as needed.

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The ability to say no

We need to be able to say no in our lives.  Yes, it is difficult and yes, it is hard to do sometimes.  However, when we are able to say no we are able to take control of the situations that we are presented with and react as needed.


The next thing that we want to do is learn how to breathe.  When we learn to breathe, we can control our heart rate and focus our thinking.  These two features of our bodies is very important and when we understand how they work and can be controlled, then we are able to move forward and take action.

Controlling stress isn’t going to happen overnight.  For many people it will be a lifelong pursuit.  The trick is, when you get started in these procedures it will help guide you through your life and your actions.