Why Foot Massage Just So Effective

Did you know that you could achieve more effective results from just having a foot massage than a complete full body massage? A foot massage falls church va appointment turns out to be something of a blessing in disguise for all those who would traditionally shy away from the full body massage.

Not that there is anything wrong with the full body massage, but just saying. It’s actually quite beautiful, and sensual too. What a great way to relax and unwind. And of course, it’s pretty healthy too.

More so today than in the past. Because this is what has happened. Since COVID happened, draconian lock-down restrictions were imposed. And gradually as the lock-down restrictions were eased, only essential services businesses were allowed to operate.

Health services, of course, would always remain open for business. But has it not already been argued that massage clinics are an integral part of the health and wellness networks. Only now, massage clinic managers have had to introduce their own health and sanitary measures because there’s bound to be body to body contact.

Massage therapists, just like their patients, would have to be wearing masks. And gloves too. How imperfect life has become these days. But the foot massage. Well now. There’s an idea. The rest of the body is still fully clothed, more or less. Just the shoes and socks come off. But why do they say that the foot massage could be more effective than the full body massage?

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Here is how. A qualified massage therapist has that innate ability to pinpoint central nervous locations within the foot. If a patient is complaining about stiffness or soreness in the shoulders, the massage therapist can ease that out just by massaging the foot.